The Ballad of Geoff Ballard

Dear Editor,

I was troubled while reading your recent story about pigeons, or as I like to call it Curmudgeon: The Ballad of Geoff Ballard. When will the city of Kamloops stop creating bylaws based off of complaints? With all the hoopla of charging people exorbitant fines for minor offences I don’t want to end up having to pay $500.00 simply because I thought the left over buns from dinner might make a good snack for some birds. THEY’RE BIRDS! If what was said by the bylaw officer is true (that lots of complaints may prompt city council to enact a bylaw,) then please accept this as another complaint about useless bylaws. If you play music and are visited by a bylaw officer at 11AM on a Sunday afternoon because one of your neighbors complained about it, write the city a letter. If you have been fined for roasting marshmallows in your yard, write a letter. If you’ve been erroneously charged a high fine for a minor offence, write a letter. Let’s do better than that, let’s go to council ourselves in person and say, “hey, relax! We don’t need a bylaw to control every damn aspect of our lives, or the lives of birds!” Sheesh! I feel like Kamloops needs a tea party movement. It would be a bit more fun than the current w(h)ine and cheese party we’ve been subject to.

Joey Jack