Why I left CFBX

So..little known fact about me.. I like rough sex..


Today is a sad day.

I resigned last night from the board of CFBX.

During my tenure as a CFBX host I interviewed:
City Councillor Donovan Cavers
City Councillor Nancy Bepple
Member of Parliament Cathy McLeod
Susan Edgell of CFJC Midday
James Peters of CFJC News
Bob McKeown of CBC Television’s the fifth estate
Noam Chomsky, most cited author alive.

I hosted a variety of shows both musical and spoken word. I was never afraid to talk about being indian, about being gay or even about being a gay indian.

It’s all over now.

I leave the patient with this diagnosis:

CFBX has an issue with implementation. As a former board member, I spent over three years trying to make things happen for the station. At the beginning, I was told by the person who suggested I become a board member “we get a lot of people here with a lot of ideas..but not a lot gets done.”

True story.

The problem with getting things done is there is no one to implement the ideas that the board of directors present.

Here’s an example..a former board member and volunteer has suggested for the past few years to implement a radio marathon as a way to gather some press for the station and raise funds.

“eeeeh…seems like a lot of work,” said one

“show hosts wouldn’t like to have their show’s preempted.”

So that idea never happened.

CFBX is in a position where the station is culling its library. Thousands of CDs at your fingertips and by some arbitrary process hundreds of CDs are removed forever. “Oh..the black keys are famous..let’s toss all of their albums we’ve had for a decade….but keep that Devo album!”

So a few years ago the suggestion was made to begin the process of digitizing the station library.

Guess what hasn’t happened yet? Guess why? No one to implement the idea…instead CFBX is “doing what it has done before..” and throwing away music.

Moving the CFBX transmitter.
CFBX has a powerful radio transmitter which could be moved to produce a better sound and give CFBX a larger listening area.

This has been discussed since I arrived on the board and how far are we?

December 2013, I had to make a motion to force our station manager to contact Telus to get the process started and now it’s December 2014 and the draft application to Telus is “almost ready to go.”

What the board of directors doesn’t have is a budget for the process..the board of directors doesn’t have a timeline and whenever questions were asked, lofty numbers were given with no breakdown of costs.

A motion was made in October 2014 to get a workplan regarding the transmitter…apparently three months was required to get this work plan finished.


I have no ill will towards the board of CFBX, I’ve served with some very dedicated people who, for the most part, have shared my opinion about CFBX’s difficulty with implementation. No one on the board asked me to resign, but having some foolish human say “I’m not telling the board what to do..but if you want to avoid a WCB investigation..”

Yes you were telling the board what to do you fool.

You see, most people who know me know I care about like 10-15 things and having a radio show was one of them.

When I was pulled off the air in February of 2014, I was very upset because the reasons originally given were given by an individual who doesn’t understand the law.

So throughout the course of the argument I called the individual a piece of shit and told him to go fuck himself.

I later apologized in writing for my behavior. He didn’t accept it.

This individual was able to appear at a meeting with me after our dust up, he didn’t seem intimidated by me at all…in fact when I discussed our responsibility as a station to promote and encourage spoken word artists who are visual minorities (I’m a gay indian,) he felt that because he was white, overweight and over 40, he also meets CFBX diversity requirements.

Yeah..and he’s in charge of who gets on the air.

I resigned from CFBX last night because this incident was brought up again to a different board of directors by third parties who were not present at the time of the incident. The matter had been dealt with twice by the previous board of directors but that wasn’t good enough for some apparently.

I resigned from the board of directors last night because I was having my name dragged through the mud again.

I resigned from the board of directors last night because I had meant to in January of 2014 (before my show suddenly came up for review and was given the boot.) I meant to resign then because I had become exhausted of being a part of a board that had no direction. A board that made no decisions to improve the station. A board that essentially serve as cheque signers for two staff members.

My resignation effectively ends the CFBX experiment in cultural diversity on the Board of Directors. The board before me was white men, I served with all white people (one white woman,) and now the board is all white folks once again. No reflection of the diversity of the campus and the community.

I gave 6 years of my free time to that station and I’m sad to leave it.

I hope the current board of directors doesn’t take three years to discover just how much power they have to make positive changes at CFBX.

To quote the gent at my first meeting of the board of directors at CFBX:

“we get a lot of people here with a lot of ideas..but not a lot gets done.”

That’s absolutely true and until the current board of directors changes that, nothing will change.

CFBX has a problem with implementation. It can raise all of the money it needs..there just needs to be someone there to do the work.


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