Letter to the editor.

This gentleman wrote a letter:


I responded.

Dear editor,

Just a little response to Mr Holmes Letter of May 22.

I’m growing a little tired by all of this “left-wing/right-wing” labeling.

It serves zero purpose.

It’s just a way to describe those who disagree with you in a negative light.

The problem with this system is it leaves zero room for the vast plethora of people who are in the middle. Full disclosure, I’ve aligned myself with people who describe themselves as “lefties,” or “Luka (Magnotta) lefties,” as the people on the Sun News Network call them.

I also come from a rich history of blue collar people…Folks who worked the land, mechanics, miners, linemen, loggers, ranchers and even saddle bronc riders. I also come from a history of healthcare workers, teachers and other types of government employees.

Mr Holmes gives an example of, what I assume is the Israel/Palestinian issue.  Likud, Benjamin Netanyahu’s own party has a charter which says there will NEVER be a Palestinian state west of the River Jordan. Neither party wants peace in the Middle East.

Mr Holmes also suggests that living in caves is the alternative to finding other ways to avoiding damage to the environment. Hyperbole much? Does the mass extraction of copper hold new and fabulous technological advances?? We’ve been using it for over 11 thousand years. Perhaps some people, who have more to offer our city, aside from property tax payments and Walmart purchases, do not wish to live next to a hole in the ground. They deserve a voice too Mr Holmes. It can’t ALWAYS be about money.

FInally, Mr Holmes talks about Aboriginal people. I’ll never understand some people’s perspective of Aboriginals. They’ll never know what it’s like to be treated as second class citizens in their own country. I’m half Aboriginal and I know what it’s like. I’ve been denied the ability to purchase mouthwash. “Some people drink it,” said the clerk, not knowing she was talking to a University student who made the Dean’s list. Folks like Mr Holmes will never be told “You’re so well spoken for an Indian,” or “You’re the only Indian I’ve met that I can respect.” I suppose that’s part of the whole social justice thing eh?

Rather than waste our time calling each other far left and far right, why don’t we call each other what we really are?

Human beings.

We’re just a bunch of failed apes trying to make it on this rock that supports life on part of it’s land mass only part of the time.

Maybe if we had a place to be together to remember that?  When’s the next Peace Walk?
Joey Jack

Let the healing begin.

I am posting this without editing it.. I’m gonna let it stew for a bit.

Dear editor,


10 years ago, a man came to me in a dream. He said “you’ll never know what treatment to take, if you don’t know what makes you sick.”


After 12 years of the BC Liberals, I am feeling sick.


I am sick of the negative attacks against the BC NDP and their leader Adrian Dix.


I am sick of the petulant statements made by Cabinet Minister and my MLA Terry Lake via Twitter. I know that one of his staffers feels that “negative ads really make you think.” Did you know that by wearing diapers, you do not have to rush to use the toilet? While both ideas have merit, they both end up with crappy results.


I am sick of being told to remember the 90s. Clark et al have rebranded themselves as today’s Liberals. Are we to simply skip over the past 12 years and forget yesterday’s Liberals?  Child poverty has been a stain on the BC Liberals that will not wash off easily. I think it’s great that Todd Stone supports the Food Bank, does he not get the irony that he’s running for the party that pretty much caused the sharp increase of food bank usage? Under the BC Liberals child poverty rose by 35 per cent shortly after they took office. BC has a record of 8 years as the worst when it came to child poverty, now we’re second worst.


I’m sick of the Reaganomics retread that Clark is touting. Keepin’ them taxes low, creatin’ them jobs, drillin’ for them resources and keepin’ that spendin’ down? I remember when Sarah Palin said it. What did Obama say in response? “You can put lipstick on a pig…but it’s still a pig?”  In some strange stretch of logic, Clark wants us to forget the BILLIONS of dollars in debt that have been added to our books under her watch.


I am sick of the waste of taxpayer dollars on things like “Ethnic-gate,”paying legal fees for Virk and Basi, cost overruns on BC Place and the convention centre, and the millions spent promoting the BC Jobs plan (A simple check with Stats Canada shows that Liberal claims about job creation are not correct.)


I could go on for days about the sickness I feel in relation to the BC Liberals (both yesterday’s and today’s.)


Yes Kamloops, there is a malaise hanging over our city and I have the perfect way to treat it. Let’s exorcise the demons of the past dozen years and vote the bums out. Let’s lance the boils on the North and South shores of the Thompson River and let the healing begin.


Joey Jack