Hey world,

It has been a while since I’ve updated my blog and there are some changes coming down the pipe (pike?)

My radio show The Joey Jack show will be coming to an end. I also think that my participation with “MoreCowbell” will be somewhat diminishing. I have taken a job that is shift work and it seems like the schedule will not jive with some of my extra curricular activities.

I’ve already been talking with my fab cohost Duncan about perhaps doing a different format of just doing what we often do (sit around) and talk turkey about a variety of subjects and record them and edit them into a show we could podcast.

I am thinking about hosting a morning radio show on CFBX..maybe on Monday mornings. I can see it now! “A Case of the Mondays with Joey Jack.”

I have been doing a regular thing on CFJC TV’s Midday show each Thursday at approximately 12:20. It has been a lot of fun and I enjoy the whole TV thing. I am considering pitching a show to Shaw Cable here in town called “Hitching a Ride.” Where I’ll pick up a local “celebrity” and drive them to a location and video record the conversation a-la

It could be a new fun way to get to know local peeps!

I’ve also started working on a short story about an Aboriginal man that seeks justice for what happened to him in the residential schools. It’s been an interesting process creating characters and writing dialogue (which I friggin hate doing!)

This April 11th and 12th, I’ll be the MC at the monthly comedy gig at The Dirty Jersey, I’ve been working on some new material and have been looking through my notebooks for old material that I’ve put away. I’m talking about stuff I did in 2005.. no Bush jokes, I promise!

The other guys I tell jokes with are really funny! Aaron Shufletoski and Davis Kambeitz are two guys I really click with and we’re in the works of starting a new band as well. I’m thinking of resurecting the name “The Sleeveless Tease” or calling the band Tickets at The Door orrrrrrrrrr Steve Harper and the Honourable Members.

Hmm what else?

Oh yes! The Blue Grotto in Kamloops is hosting a Battle of the Bands which I will be the MC starting on April 18th. You can enter here:

Lots of good stuff happening in life.

Be good.



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