I’m quick to say that I dislike children.

When people hear that they often say, “Oh! You were a child once.”

It’s true, I was a child once. I was a self loathing child. I would sit there watching PBS Nova thinking “I wish I was older.” I couldn’t wait to get older.

I am still waiting to grow up.

There are two children that I love very much. My niece Lilah and my nephew Hunter are my sister’s kids and they’re so special.

Yesterday we watched TV for a couple of hours…well I should clarify, the television was on and my niece and nephew were spending their free time annoying me while I sat on the sofa.

I loved it.

They were playing with felt pens and I told them to give me tattoos.

Lilah wrote on my arm that Charlie, Rango, Mimi, Peaches and Odie RULE! (those are a sampling of her pets.)

Hunter drew two things. He drew a potato which he named Oxy and a man with a small body, a big head wearing a birthday hat, with a big nose complete with ice cube hanging out of it.

He also drew an hour glass.

He named the man Horbart and said that he was “running out of time,” in reference to the hour glass.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“He’s running out of time to feel normal.”

It was an interesting thing to say.

In the light of the recent shootings in the USA, it’s nice to know that my niece and nephew are still sweet innocent children.

I hope that Hunter’s mention of time running out to feel normal wasn’t one of those strange insights that only children have.

Who’s running out of time?

Who feels normal and what does it mean?

I wish I took a picture of the drawings. They were pretty cute and in terms of what Lilah wrote, given that two of the pets are sleeping right beside my mom.. I think she’s right.


One thought on “Innocence.

  1. After all the jacks are back in their boxes, will we ever remember? As a res of the loops , I welcome you to a monday after a small black hole appeared on earth . Empathy and sympathy when theres not enough love to go round . Keep on with the questions, mental yoga ,pilates for your soul . I’m off to do a ‘don quixote’ to the snow , with a shovel.

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