God and other things.

I felt the need to write to the editor about a few things including these letters I read tonight:



Dear editor,

A few things..

First of all, thanks for ending comments on letters to the editor. I think it will give the anonymous folks who so freely spew their thoughts a chance to grow a pair and sign their name.

Secondly, we need to remember and regain our love and respect for each other’s humanity as a first step to stopping violence (like the shooting in CT.) Humans really only have each other on this planet, minus a few creative blow up dolls and exotic pets.

Thirdly, to the folks who write about God in their letters in relation to the Grey Cup and Remembrance Day.

To Eve Acheson, good for you to believe that life without God causes wars.

Go to the Middle East where one group, Israel, consistently steals the land of another because it was promised to them (by God) a few thousand years ago and other groups shoot rockets and are often heard screaming “God is great.”

If we’re about supporting a group’s right to return to land they inhabited thousands of years ago.. that pretty much solves the land claims issue in Canada eh? *taps microphone* Anybody?

So yeah…lack of religion is the root cause of conflict? No.

I believe that these folkloric beliefs are a huge cause of unnecessary and arbitrary conflicts that many countries without established religions gets caught up in (LIKE CANADA.) We’re taking sides in a useless war that only serves to kill more and more innocent people. We support a country with nukes while we say that Iran (a signer to the NPT and is inspected by the IAEA) is the greatest threat to security.

Keep the faith Eve.

You can believe what you want based off of your Bronze Age book. Some of us require a bit more evidence and critical thought.

Les Evens, I think it was simply pointed out that Burton Cummings neglected to say “GOD” while singing our national anthem. He probably just screwed up and you were just effectively trolled by another letter writer.

Zeus bless you.

Joey Jack



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