Talking to Canadians

I took an outlaw journalism class last year. We watched a Rick Mercer, talking to Canadians clip and our teacher wanted us to do something similar.

I wrote a satirical piece responding to a man that said quite racist things to me without even knowing it.

I thought it would be interesting to do a “Talking to Canadians,” bit and my teacher suggested I ask people to comment on the fact that Indians were going to receive free Tim Bits via a land claim settlement. I created two crude looking jpegs that appeared to look like the CBC website and asked people to read the stories and give me their comments.

The second “story” outlined the agreement reached between the Metis and the feds. Free WIFI, cable and cell service for all!
I put the photos on my tablet so they looked like I was connected to the internet.

It was a really fun assignment and only one person called me a liar.


Some people’s children…


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