i look up to the stars til I find my destiny.


It was 12 years ago, almost to the day, that I began blogging. For years I never even followed anyone else. I just used the blog as a way to complain non-stop about my boyfriend and would purposely tell him to read my blog so he could see what I was angry about.

We still see this type of passive-aggressive-pissy-pants attitude via facebook status updates and twitter updates.

Safe to say I was ahead of my time.

I never held back when I updated my blog. When I started with Facebook, I began to censor myself because Facebook is full of people I know. It is full of people that may hold me accountable for my spewing. 

So I am back to blogging.

I am also completely finished with posting on our Kamloops newspapers’ websites. There used to be fairly fun debate but even with stronger rules in place, it’s just a bunch of nameless back biting snivelers.

So if you want to know what I think about all different types of things, read on.




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